Our Mission & Vision        
Our Mission
To provide knowledge and understanding of pedagogy and skills essential for quality education.
To help the teachers in understanding the nature of child, i.e. his or her abilities, aptitudes, emotion, instinct, ambition and intelligence etc.
To assist teachers in understanding principles, techniques, methods, process of teaching and learning.
To help teachers in organizing, supervising and participating in curricular and co-curricular activities of the schools
To provide knowledge regarding various teaching aids, print media and electronic media, which are essential to facilitate the teaching and learning process
To provide a clear understanding of the historical background of Indian education vis – a – vis education system of other countries
To prepare above all quality teachers who can bring desired change to the Society through educational inputs by realizing their responsibilities to the community
To encourage academic pursuits on the basis of research & development undertaking various projects.
Our Vision
Preparation of resourceful and skill teachers.
Inculcation of values of citizenship, leadership, integrity, national solidarity and other special and social values required for human beings.
Imparting training in skills in teaching and empowering them with modern trends of education and evaluation system for quality education.
Making them committed, devoted to the teaching for overhauling the scenario of qualitative improvement.
Providing knowledge and understanding of pedagogy for assisting the student teachers for effective transaction of teaching-learning.
Acquainting the student teachers with modern means of educational technology and communication system.
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